Glassblowing classes with Bob Snodgrass are the best way to improve your skills.

Bob Snodgrass teaches classes a few times a year in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. These classes are extremely instructional with lots of demo from Bob and some torch time to practice what the day brought you and ask your questions of Bob. Classes are now being held at Cornerstone Glass Studio in Eugene. The classes will hold a maximum of 10 students for a four day session with tuition of $350 per day for a total of $1400. The cost will cover class, materials and meals. There are a few lodging options near Cornerstone Glass.

Students are required to bring safety glasses and a list of questions for Bob. All levels of glassworkers are welcome, classes to be grouped by experience. Register for classes at


It is recommended to have read at least one book on glass blowing to learn the terminology that applies. Also read the Snodgrass Safety Manual.

We are proud to say that we have had return students who have improved their work with each class session they attended.

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